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You can be a part of the campaign to elect Sheridan to Position 10 of the City of Little Rock Board of Directors! Here are some ways to get involved.

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Make phone calls

We need people to make phone calls and engage with voters via text message. We need families to post selfies to social media using the hashtag #FRESHFamily.

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Join Sheridan's Campaign Supporter List

We need key influencers to publicly share their support of this campaign.

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Knock on doors

We need surrogates to carry our message throughout the city by knocking on doors and distributing materials.

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Plant Lawn Signs

We need volunteers to help plant lawn signs throughout the city.

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Raise Funds

We need volunteers to help ask for donations to fund the campaign.

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Host an event

We need key influencers to host town halls and fundraisers. The town halls will give residents an opportunity to meet Sheridan, learn what she stands for, and get questions answered. Fundraisers will enable us to fund this grassroots campaign, so that we can ensure the message is carried throughout the city through multiple mediums.
Social distancing is encouraged at this time due to the pandemic. These gatherings may need to take place outdoors or via Zoom or some other technological medium. 

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Together we will achieve "A Fresh Start" for our city.

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